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A Better Way To Manage Your Practice Or Clinic

Introducing an end-to-end clinical practice managment software


Available Anywhere

The data of your small, medium or large practice is available at your fingertips anywhere 24/7

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HIPAA Compliant & Secure

Keep the privacy of your clients data secure with our HIPAA certified app


Streamlined Workflow

Integrate your day-to-day tasks all in one app that schedules, facilitates and documents clinical sessions

Work Smarter

Create, track and customize your progress notes

Track Progress Notes for appointments as well as Collateral notes for ancillary contact with the client or stakeholders such as family members, counsel, or referrers.

Operational Reports

Generate operational reports and browse analytics to see a consolidated view of client activity, deadline adherence, and various other aspects of the clinical practice. 

Easily track all of your caseloads

Keep the privacy of your client's data secure with our HIPAA certified app.

Billing Made Easy

Generate client and organization statements for any time period.

Manage your schedule from any location

Schedule and keep track of appointments and sessions on client, clinician, and group calendars from any device.

Change The Way You and Your Team Works

What Can TreatAnyone Do?

See What Our Community Has to Say

“I am so grateful to be using your application, it has made such a big difference. There is no chance I would be able to handle my caseload without it. 

Margrit Z.
Clinical Director

“TreatAnyone is an extremely easy to use and engaging platform. It provides the clinician with the tools necessary to handle large caseloads both effectively and efficiently.” 

Dr. Drew Kingston.
Clinical Director
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